The Ginseng

THE GINSENG2013年に、フラメンコギタリストの今泉仁誠が音楽家でプロデューサーの権藤知彦の助けをかりて、カンテ(フラメンコの歌い手の意味)の笛田剛史、トーケ(フラメンコのギタリストの意味)の大澤貴文、ベースの知久真明、ドラムの川畑智史、管楽器担当の三浦千明、キーボードの山本哲也とともに結成。


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In 2013, Jinsei Imaizumi(composer, flamenco guitarist)formed a band with Takafumi Osawa(toque,flamenco guitarist)Goshi Fueda(cante, singer), Satoshi Kawabata(drums), Masaaki Chiku(bass), Chiaki Miura(trumpet)along with Tetsuya Yamamoto(keyboards)with Tomohiko Gondo(producer).
About the band name meaning ginseng was named by a wish and as will be fine listening to songs. Ginseg that people eat them and become healthy. The music of The Ginseng is coming from the same meaning.
While also focusing on songs were blended Ginseng original music with flavor of Spanish. But Jinsei Imaizumi is exploring the music sounding in people’s heart with taking the other kind of music.